True leadership comes from withinDiscover the value of awareness

  • At SHARE360 we guide leaders to raise their consciousness to become ready for a new organizational paradigm

We work with visionary leaders who are ready to step into their full potential and serve the deeper purpose of their organization. As the world is rapidly and constantly changing, it is time when those in leadership roles provide clear guidance and true alignment.

What we offer is completely different from any leadership program. We take you on a journey within. A journey to discover your unique inner power as a leader. That is what we know to be the very source of creating sustainable value for your organization.

Are you looking for new ways to advance into the future?

Do you want to increase the energy level in your organization?

Why not capitalize all the creativity in your organization?

How do you transform towards a thriving purposeful Organization?

  • Wake up to new paradigm!

Humanity is ready for a new organizational paradigm. The world is rapidly changing: technology revolution, exponential growth and rapid innovations put pressure on established corporations, known systems are exposed, consciousness is rising, millenials don’t fit in old structures and new disruptive, successful start ups are your new competitors. The old organizational model has become obsolete: your hierarchal structure where decisions are made by a small amount of people is coming to its end. Time to transit towards a purposeful Organization.


  • Executive Guidance

Explore the true power of your Translucent Leadership

You became a leader because of your passion, drive, curiosity, intellect and endurance. We will help you utilize these same qualities to take you deeper within yourself – to connect you to your innate power and potential. This process will unleash a new level of leadership that is thriving, energizing, and feels effortlessly natural and confident. Our coaching programs will support you in exploring extraordinary new insights and perspectives that have the potential to transform.


  • Organizational Transformation

Bring your organization to its full potential

Unleash your employee’s potential. Acknowledge that everyone contributes to the whole, and discover the wisdom and resources that lie within the crowd. It requires transparency and a trust-base to tap into the hidden value in your organization. When employees feel safe to explore, they will act and think in opportunities and solutions instead of obsticals and problems. Understanding the power of the Energy Leadership framework, makes you realize that with a higher energy frequency, you will literally attract business that fits you better.


  • Why choose SHARE360?

We combine business experience, disruptive thinking, creativity with transformational effective coaching and guidance.

We are ready to facilitate you on this inner journey. We have experienced it ourselves and are passionate to guide and support you until you have put it into practice and you have become the change.

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  • Energy Leadership

The Energy Leadership Index is an excellent proven framework that shows your level of awareness. It gives you the tools to reflect on yourself & your colleagues, become aware and learn to influence the intrinsic drivers of your organization. With this framework you will get to the core of your energy blocks and the belief systems that hold you and your organization limited. Extensive research has shown that a higher average resonating Energy level (awareness) is directly related to the success of your organization and to your happiness in life.

We use this model in our coaching practice as one of many tools. We can assess you and your team/organization and meassure your current energy level or extend it with a 360 review. Or we can run an in-company train the trainer program within your organization so you have your own facilitators to guide your employees to higher energy levels.

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