Curious to know what the secret is of truly empowered leadership?


Become fully aware of yourself. Free yourself from any old pattern, belief, attachment or fear that holds you back! Change your perspective by becoming open to all perspectives!


We are driven to get to the core of things to create a sustainable change. What drives you, what has formed your identity? Can you become fully aware of yourself: of every thought, emotion and behavior. Can you become aware of it in such a way that you gain freedom in choosing how you want to show up? Can you let go of old patterns and unconscious belief systems that has formed your identity for so many years? Can you let go of the control you are used to and become aware of what is underneath this need for control?

As you become fully aware of yourself and are able to get yourself out of the way, you gain a heightened awareness on what is wanted to happen. You will lead from a multiple perspective level that makes it effortlessly and in full flow. You will be able to get the most out of your organization as you approach it from a different angle, open to all opportunities and feel empowered to move your organization in a true agile way.

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment is a beautiful start to raise awareness on yourself in a way that is different from any other assessment. It doesn’t label you like many of the personality assessments do. The Energy Leadership chart gives you a clear and recognizable insight in the different ways people show up and how this works for you in situations under stress and when life feels good. You will get the tools and power to change your behavior, your thinking patterns and your perceptions from the core. This increases your leadership effectiveness in giving your organization the openess to become aware of their behavior and grow with you. Unleash the full potential of everyone involved!

Forbes posted recently an article about the 11 assessments every Executive should take and mentioned ELI as one of them. This assessment has been utilised to raise awareness and support desired shifts in more than 50 of the top Fortune 500s (MGM/Luxor, Excalibur properties, Raytheon, Gulfstream, Merck, DealerTrack, etc), as well as thousands of other companies worldwide.

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