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A skilled and experienced movement to transform the organizational paradigm

Join forces is the new way of working. We see ourselves as a growing network, a community of brilliant experts that together, bring a wide range of skills, experience, knowledge to guide this leadership transformation. By keeping all our separate organizations light and join forces where it gives synergy, we offer complete flexibility in skilled people to work with. We all share the same passion and drive: support the shift to a new conscious organizational paradigm.

  • Our Core Team

We combine business, leadership and transformation experience

Luciënne Koops

+31 (0)6 55363602


Passionate about authenticity, true connection and the path of self-realization. Experienced in guiding and reflecting without ego, observing the essence of people and compassionate, gentle yet crystal clear in her communication. Living her principles, Luciënne is a living example of our perspective.

With 25 years of business experience, she has become a keen observer with a birds-eye perspective, quick in connecting the dots. Luciënne has great skills in sensing what is needed, active listening and coaching from the heart. Over the years, she has developed an uncanny ability to see through layers, excuses and bullshit. During her personal journey, embodying what Leadership is all about, she developed a clear sense of the new paradigm and how to bridge this transition. Passionate to facilitate organizations and its leaders towards a new way of co-creation and collaborating.

Background: certified coach (CPC, ELI-MP), facilitator, management consultant, project- and program leader, product manager, operational manager, designer.


“Coaching with Lucienne has been warm, effective, wonderful and impactful evolution of my self-awareness. Lucienne helped me perceive and position myself in my working environment beyond what I believed I could manage. I enjoyed her deep listening, loving presence and transformative mirroring of my limitations.
Lucienne is experienced, talented, genuine coach with exceptional intuition and an ability to be spot on about what is going on for her client as well as to shift client’s perspective rapidly. Every session with Lucienne resulted with inspiring feelings, motivational boost and lasting reflections I am to apply further in my life situations. I am very grateful for having her as my coach”
“Lucienne has been my personal coach for the last 10 years. First in my role as European MD, then when I was CEO for G4S Netherlands, running a $500m business with 9 business units with the world’s largest security firm. Always razor sharp in getting to the core of the issue. Her council has always been fresh and intuitively right. My best coach and advisor ever. I gave come to trust her judgement and admire her fresh perspective”

Rebecca Roberts

Core partner of Explore Truth
+41 79 101 84 78


Confident and vibrant thought-leader with the ability and experience to connect the (often hidden) dots that separate leaders from their visions. Endless curiosity and an openness to understand the deeper truth behind all the storytelling. Rebecca’s compassionate yet bold approach supports her clients with fresh perspectives and the space to safely explore and discover themselves on a profound level.

Rebecca is a certified coach, and has worked as a facilitator and workplace strategist for companies such as Adidas, AIG, Bayer and Vitra – supporting these corporations through the transition into new ways of working and interaction. This experience combined with a passion for sharing her experience of self-aware- and authentic living is what fuels Rebecca’s passion for working with Leaders and change-makers.

Background: certified coach (CPC, ELI-MP, ACC), workshop facilitator, project lead and change management facilitator, interior architect, workplace strategist and consultant.


“Rebecca is an incredibly inspiring and uplifting person. She knows her stuff and it’s been hugely empowering to be coached by her. Through Rebecca’s thought provoking questions I have gained new insights and identified some action steps to align my business with who I am and what I stand for. She’s helped me to make my business more authentic, which in turn has made it so much easier for me to sell my services. Thank you Rebecca!”
“Rebecca has a fantastic way of asking questions, listening to my answers and following up with a deeper insight than I could have made myself. These insights open up “small tightly locked” boxes within me and reveal things that I work on daily. It might be months between our coachings, but her questions are always there in the back of my mind. Rebecca digs deep, and that inclines me to want to be a better version of myself.”

Mathias Fritzen

Core partner of Explore Truth
+49 160 82 42 331


Catalyst for those hungrily seeking for truth and freedom. Door-opener for awareness and inner leadership. Radically creative in finding ways to pierce through conditioning and norms. Advocate for 360° skepticism. Mathias invites you to seek, find and actively explore your reality. Impossible doesn’t exist.

With a background of award-winning digital design work for companies such as Lufthansa, Telekom, SEAT and DHL, Mathias’ creative experience is the foundation for his coaching practice. As one on the first Parkour practitioners in Germany and Co-Founder of the ParkourONE Community, he pioneered moving in flow more than 15 years ago. For both his creative and physical work, experience was at the center of his exploration. This culminated in an obsessive pursuit for self-realization and literally walking out of all illusory concepts that limit the current paradigm.

Background: Certified Coach (CPC, ELI-MP, ACC), TRuST Headcoach, Diplom Designer, Creative Director leading a Network, Workshop Facilitator, Human Being


“Working with Mathias is a profound experience. He is a cultivated, insightful, connected to his higher-self coach that guides you to identify and break-through your inner blocks. His gifted spirit and generosity of his loving energy along with his holistic approach will bring you clarity to connect all the dots in your life and transform all relationships but most of all, the relationship with your self.”
“Rebecca and Mathias are able to help me see the real thing behind what my mind comes up with. Whenever something bothers me and all folks around me plus the ‘standard societal conditioning’ just help my mind to go deeper into being angry at someone, they were able to point me in the right direction and look internally. This helped me to pulverize some major issues in no time, which could have downed me for days, weeks or even months.”

Carolien Jongbloed

Core Partner
+32 48598 2104


Wisdom, clarity, presence and a drive to connect people to their inner knowing and power. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of coaching, therapeutical guidance, facilitator, Carolien will challenge, amaze and inspire you. She has the ability to combine lightness, intuition and precision to get to the core of your inner process, while reflecting it back to you in a compassionate, direct and respectful way.

With a background in Gestallt therapy and Relational communication, working with people has always been her core focus. Over the years she has trained many leadership teams in companies (for profit and non profit) where she shares her profound knowledge on true relational communication.


“For my profession, I follow a lot of different courses on the practice of communication. With some resistance, expecting to hear another ‘I-message’ or more tips for active listening, I joined the course Relational Communication. This course is very different from anyone I followed: the focus on the relational aspect was new to me. This course showed me that communication, in any relation, is of utmost importance. For to be in respect towards yourself and the other as well as your ability to give clarity on the desires and needs on both sides so that the relation stays respectful.
The course has raised my consciousness. The reflective model that is used is a direct reflection to yourself. This course is not about tips or tricks or to add a new skill, but it is about a sustainable change in behavior. It is anything but easy, uncomfortable at first and it definitely requires dedication, but the result is amazing.”
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  • Our driving principles

Energy attracts like energy

Once you realize the essence of this law of nature, you realize directly the value of awareness and the implications for your organization: increasing everyone’s energy level in your organization, directly attracts higher energies. You become the true driver of your success.

Each of us has more potential than we are conscious of

There is infinitely more potential in the people in your organization than that is currently visible. If you allow this to become visible and provide room for it to develop and grow, you will greatly stimulate engagement and reveal the wisdom of the crowd

Everyone’s contribution is valuable

Every perspective is valuable as we are all a link to the system, your organization. Don’t dismiss the point of view of the other by judging it. You will be surprised what value comes out of it by taking one step back before jumping to conclusions or actions. All perspectives lead to more creativity, spontaneity and flow.

Nothing has meaning until you give it meaning

This insight lies at the core of our view upon life. It is a very fundamental principle that views every event, opinion, experience, thought, belief from a fresh new viewpoint. It is going back to your state as a new born baby, where you felt connected to all as separation wasn’t caused yet by identity, belief system and personality. With this freshness and open view, life feels light and joyful and opportunities arise everywhere as you don’t have a limited view that blocks your sight.