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We address a different layer than consultants do, even then most coaches do. A layer we embody ourselves. We experienced what it takes to go on a journey like this and how to adapt the insights in a daily practice. We have dived deeply in various theories, teachings, practices and trainings.

We are pragmatic as well, we love to see you put it into practice and really benefit from your higher awareness. This is not ‘an outside your company’ coaching experience, that leaves you puzzled when you get back to your daily job.

We know that the real learning happens in your daily (working)life, that is why we stay with you and reflect you back until you feel aligned and embody it yourself.

At the core of our practice lies coaching: guiding you on your journey by being non judgemental, listening, mirroring, reflecting, intuitive, sensing, but most of all being fully present and engaged for your journey. Most of the shift is done in the unconditional presence at a high vibration that is created by us in the role as your coach.

We love to guide you on your journey

  • The Journey of awakening

Awakening comes in different versions, they can be ‘out of the blue’ happening, or can evolve gradually. No one knows what your path will be like. However, wherever you start, the phases below will be all part of the journey in some shape or form.

See it: be open to a new perspective, understand the ‘sleep status’ of human beings, understand the shift human evolution is currently making, from a personal perspective and from an organizational perspective. Wake up!
Feel it: Feel how catabolic and anabolic energy shows up in your daily life. Shift from mind to become heart driven. Recognize your thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns, let go of blockages in your system
Experience it: experiential practices: like meditation, energy work, physical/body work, put your learnings into practice, deal with triggers, inner alignment and emotional guidance tool
Embody it: deepening of knowing and experiencing, level 6 and 7 Leadership, use your intuition, discover what feels authentic to you, be inspiring and of service to others
Be it: applying it in your daily practice. Feel all aligned with the purpose and your calling. How does my new architecture look like, for my life, for my organization, my role. How do I relate to my environment. This journey never ends, it is ever deepening and getting yourself out of the way, not always as blissfull as it appaered at the start, but it feels like really being alive!

  • Energy Leadership Index (ELI)

Energy levels are another way to define and meassure your awareness. The ELI is a concrete tool to view your energy level at a present moment, and it offers valuable insights into what’s holding you back – specifically highlighting how to break through personal blocks and move forward.

The Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment (ELI Assessment) is a unique assessment that enables participants to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviours, beliefs, and overall leadership capabilities. Insights in these perceptions shows you how limited your view might be and how to expand that view which immediately results in a better feeling of the same experience.

  • Personality versus Attitudinal assessments

Personality assessments, such as Myers-Briggs or D.I.S.C., are valuable tools that pinpoint certain personality types and characteristics. This gives individuals the possibility to better understand their inherent strengths and weaknesses. By understanding your personality and how it relates to what you do, you can adapt your behaviour to ‘work with what you have.’

The ELI Assessment is an attitudinal assessment, which is based on an energy/action model. This assessment differs from personality assessments in that it’s not intended to label you as one personality type or another. Instead, it measures your current level of energy based on your perception of the world. Since attitude is subjective and based on past experiences, beliefs and attitudes, it can also be altered. An attitudinal assessment serves as a ‘snapshot’ of your current energy and activity, and provides a launch-point for desired change overall.

  • Catabolic and Anabolic energy

The ELI is based on 7 levels of energy, the principle that each level is a sum of both anabolic and catabolic energy in your system. Depending on which level, there is more anabolic or more catabolic energy. The lowest levels show high percentages of catabolic and highest level 7, is almost completely anabolic.

Anabolic describes energy that is constructive, expanding, fueling, healing, and growth-oriented. Anabolic energy helps move you forward and achieve positive, long-term, successful results, and is useful in leading others in the same direction. Using anabolic energy allows you to have a more complete and conscious view of what is going on around you, and to more easily come up with solutions and innovations.
Catabolic energy, on the other hand, is draining, resisting, and contracting energy. While catabolic energy provides you with an energetic boost to combat what you perceive to be a stressful situation, it also is distracting and acts like a blinder through which you only see a limited view of a situation, thus reducing the choices available to you. Though it may offer some short-term benefits, when used on a long-term basis, it imparts mental, emotional, and physical tolls that are potentially destructive to you (to your organization) and to all those around you.

  • ELI Assessment and Debrief

The self-assessment is administered online and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Once you submit your assessment, we will schedule a date and time for the 90 minute debrief session to review and discuss your results. As part of this debrief, you will receive a customized report that summarizes your individual ‘snapshot,’ your E-factor (energy factor) and the difference between your normal actions and your behavior under stress.
Book here or a free discovery call to learn more about it.

  • ELI 360 Assessment and Debrief

The 360 assessment includes both the online self-assessment as well as feedback from up to 25 individuals (colleagues/family/etc) who will complete an abbreviated assessment on your behalf. Once all assessments are completed, we will schedule the 90 minute debrief session. In this session, you receive a customized report that summarizes both your individual data as well as the feedback from your 360-perspective group. We will review and discuss your results as well as their significance for you.

  • Benefits of the ELI assessment

After completing the online assessment, you will work together with one of our ELI Master Practitioners to debrief your results. We will discuss how you can apply the deep insights and takeaways towards greater awareness and self-alignment. As part of the debrief, you’ll also learn about the seven levels of leadership, and how these play a role in how we ‘show up’ and interact with the world around us. Once, you understand the dynamics of your Energy Interplay; – your thoughts lead to a feeling which determines your behavior -, you are at the core of where true change lies.

From that viewpoint, your own strength and weaknesses, are approached differently. Now you know (awareness) why something feels as a weakness for you and how you can change the energy block that causes the weakness and really release it. This results in a shift in awareness and a noticable change in energy and ultimately greater self-alignment.

  • BE YOUR BEST for both to flourish in the relationship

Reciprocity, responsibility and awareness to that what happens in relation to the other. This is a new level of learning to communicate with each other, once you are aware and awaken. In the dynamic of organizations, we need people skills to be able to effectively relate with each other to experience effective, growing, satisfying and sustainable relationships. In this in-house relational communication training, you will learn how to be open and self-disclosing about your feelings/emotions without attachment to the story and in full respect to the other. You will learn (amongst others) how to deal with anger, resistance, conflict, anxiety in yourself and in the other. With a higher level of consciousness, feeling connected to all, there is a natural need to meet the other where he/she is and help him/her flourish and grow by creating a safe space. The ground we need to unleash creativity, inner power, passion, potential and to share our true-self.

It is received in the giving

Relationship skills can be learned through learning to observe oneself and the other person and the (living) dynamics in between. A practical model and a set of tools will be given to support the embodiment of your new skills.