Awakened Leadership

Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations

“It’s conceivable that in the future the evolutionary purpose, rather than the organization, will become the entity around which people gather. A specific purpose will attract people and organizations in fluid and changing constellations, according to the need of the moment. People will connect in different capacities- fulltime, part-time, freelance, volunteering- and organizations will join forces, or disband, in reaction to what best serves the purpose at the moment. The boundaries of an organization might be harder to trace, and the very notion of an organization less relevant.”

  • New paradigm Organizations

Driven by purpose and shared responsibility

Why is it not longer working? Organizations lack a clear purpose and employees have lost their sense of engagement and responsibility due to the organizational structure, system and leadership style.

In most organizations, hidden agendas, not openly sharing knowledge, ‘information is power’ and ‘excluding’, are some of the symptoms of a dysfunctional system. Separation thinking is the core issue that lies underneath it. Transparency is needed to bust these silos and create healthy organizations.

The message of this new paradigm is often received with scepticism and resistance, however it is inevitable moving towards that direction. Our passion at SHARE360 is to bridge the gap, by sharing our experiences and insights on the dynamics of the new paradigm. We have cracked the code and know what makes your organization thrive again.


Explore the true power of your leadership

To heal our current systems worldwide, it starts with an awakening of the leaders at the top. You can make the change your organization is ready for. This is not a journey for the faint of heart or the ones that easily give up, this one requires courage, willingness, dedication. All qualities you already needed for your ambition to become a leader in the first place. You will be amazed how different you will feel during this journey: vibrant, energized, inspired, free, true confidence, peaceful, aligned with your gifts and a deep knowing as a new basis.

We want you to be aware of the invisible drivers, behaviors and barriers that may be sabotaging your desire to see real and tangible change in yourself and within your organization. You will discover your limiting beliefs, your assumptions, your inner critical voice that holds you back, how your mind drives you and how you can shift your restrictions into behavior that really works for you and others around you. This is how you discover your true power within you.

Sustainable change begins at the top with you as a consciously awaken leader.

Once you experience the value of awareness, you will see the benefits of it spreading within your organization. It is time to put your learnings into practice.

This is also where greater learning and deepening is realized. Our coaching, guidance and reflection supports you from falling back into old patterns. This is not a new skill you need to learn, this is taking of your old skin and put on a new one that feels in total alignment with yourself, by knowing your inner attitudinal drivers. It requires a straightforward and sincere honesty with yourself. In this phase we observe and reflect as you move about your working environment, helping you crystallize your inspiring leadership style.


Bring your organization to its full potential

Once you are awaken and in alignment with your true power, you want to share this change with your organization. There is no doubt about that. What worked in the past, doesn’t fit anymore. What does? What change in architecture is needed? Time to unleash the full potential of your employees. Time for rising awareness within the whole organization, redefining or refining your purpose, your success definition, your values. Creating an open and trust based environment where each contribution and perspective is perceived valuable. For employees time to take ownership of their role and responsibilities, develop their inner leadership, and share their gifts and passions.

Unleash the wisdom of the crowd by rising awareness of all.

We will collaborate on this program with our partners who have extended knowledge and experience. We will co-design this phase with you, depending on where you are, how much you would like to do yourself and how big the change from your current structure to the new one is.

  • How we work

We work with you as a unique business. We pay attention to who you are and where you are. We’re not going to fit you into an off-the-shelf business model template or implement a huge change program that will take years to complete. Nor will we hold your hand every detailed step. We are extremely curious in what makes you tick, what makes you shine and how your authentic leadership will be unfolded. We not here to convince you of anything. We will challenge your mind with new insights based upon quantum physics, spiritual embodiment and universal laws that are known within us but forgotten for a long time.

We believe this transformation starts from within, with the leader and/or leadership team. The more open you are, the easier the journey is. It is all up to you. We will work with you until it is all integrated. We stay close to you until you have implemented it into your specific organizational setting, your language. Guiding you along the way, sensing, reflecting. But above all being practical, pragmatic and solutions driven.

We are not prescriptive but listen and sense what is needed